Predictions for the Microsoft Build 2018 Keynote

  • Absolutely nothing that in any way challenges the grab-first-ask-questions-later approach to privacy in Windows 10, or the constant disrespect of user opinions and decisions by pushing Edge, Cortana and Microsoft Store, bundling gobs of uninstallable apps and a smaller amount of installable but unwanted apps (Candy Crush on a server, anyone?) and then redoing it all again on every semi-annual Update.
  • Continued dead reckoning in the Windows 8 course to a) imagine we all love touch, b) pretend dipping all of Windows in Metro, sorry, Modern Design, sorry, Fluent was not a mistake and c) continuing letting the ~100% of Windows 10 users who do not use it on tablets, phones or mixed reality devices put up with this bullshit because Microsoft would rather light its own intestines on fire with a firecracker than listen to its users and speak to their concerns.
  • Fucks given about introducing a persistent timeline of user activities, syncing to their cloud and activated without explicit user consent within three weeks of GDPR taking legal effect in Europe: roughly zero.
  • Assurances that all the above is okay because some (reasonable) things are now open source and hey, you can now pay them money to run Linux stuff in Azure, how ‘bout that.