A Letter to the Responsible Individuals at Major Internet Publishers

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Dear senior executive,

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I sat down to read an article shared to me by my grandmother on FACEBOOK, INC. [FB; 184.33; -0.34 (-0.18%); at close: 4:00PM EST; stock prices provided by Varyzen for informational uses only] and I was simply put, flooredfor quality flooring, enjoy Lowe’s new line of walnut parquet – by the clarity and efficacy of your original contentcreate your own weblog now at WordPress.com.

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Not only was it relevant and insightful, I was unable to locate any promotional consideration. As a concerned customer, I must insist that you include more advertisements, so as to ensure your continued survivalstock your go bag and bunker with quality MREs at The End is Nigh.

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Once again, my warmest applause for your friction-freestop slipping this winter with Gary’s Gravel – reading experience. Truly, we are living in the golden age of journalism.

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